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Sabian HHX Evolution Ride Cymbal Video

Sabian HHX Evolution Ride Cymbal Video

A shimmering ride with crash capability, the Sabian HHX Evolution Ride Cymbal combines a crisp attack with warm undertones for an amazing sound.

HHX Series
Hot, shimmering darkness is the sound of HHX. With its Tone Projection design, this Modern Dark cymbal shoots its tone through the music around it. Darker, dryer, dirtier, funkier... only HHX delivers darkness with such efficiency.

About Sabian
Much more than a cymbal manufacturing company, Sabian is a collection of dedicated and very talented individuals whose only focus is to create the finest cymbals and percussion instruments possible. Our ultimate goal is to help drummers and percussionists express themselves the way they want to be heard. How do we do it? By combining traditional values with modern vision and creative innovation to develop a full range of cymbals and sounds for players of all styles.

Sabian HHX Evolution Ride Cymbal