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Stanton SCS 4DJ DJ Controller and Media Player Video

Stanton SCS 4DJ DJ Controller and Media Player Video

No external computer is needed, the software is pre-loaded. Ready to go, right out of the box. Just add music and play. The Stanton SCS 4DJ DJ Controller and Media Player is the first truly integrated DJ system offering advanced one-button automatic synchronization.

The embedded computer system in the Stanton SCS 4DJ assists your mixing by automatically synchronizing the tracks at the push of a button. This advanced digital mix engine also allows the Stanton SCS 4DJ to be placed into Auto-DJ mode, where the unit will automatically mix the music in your playlist based on your chosen style of mixing.

Stanton SCS 4DJ DJ Controller and Media Player Features

  • Ability to play and mix two tracks directly from the majority of mass storage devices
  • Automatic Tempo and beat grid calculation allowing tracks to be synchronized quickly
  • 4.3 inch high resolution widescreen LCD with dual frequency dependant color waveform displays, makes visual beat matching easy
  • Comprehensive Browse, Search and Sort capabilities presented in a simple and intuitive user interface
  • 8 x Soft buttons allowing direct access to features, functionality and navigation
  • 4 x Direct Access illuminated buttons, with a navigation section
  • Dual high-resolution 4.75 inch touch-sensitive weighted platters, utilizing a high resolution scratch algorithm
  • Dual built in effects unit functionality with full beat synchronization
  • Record your mixes directly to WAV format files for sharing or distribution while you play
  • Auto-DJ mode will mix your playlists automatically using the calculated beat grids
  • Microphone input with high-headroom and low noise performance
  • 60mm Pitch control, with pitch bend buttons and high quality keylock performance
  • Multiple USB Connections (1 x Top, 1 x Rear, 2 x Base plus host connection for MIDI Controller mode)
  • Transport controls featuring PLAY/PAUSE, CUE, SYNC and TAP tempo
  • 1/4 inch Balanced TRS and Unbalanced RCA outputs, dual headphone outputs
  • Internal Media Bay compartment for placement and connectivity of media storage devices
  • Fully capable MIDI controller functionality
  • Use the controls on SCS 4DJ to control DJ software (MIDI controller mode)
  • SCS.4DJ supports M3u playlists created by standard music librarian applications/devices

Stanton SCS 4DJ DJ Controller and Media Player