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Stetsbar S-Style Tremolo System Video

Stetsbar S-Style Tremolo System Video

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The Stetsbar S-Style is one trem you will not want to block! Its been sometime coming but now Stetsbar has a solution for those who want to replace the fulcrum trem in a Stratocaster or Stratocaster style guitar.

Remove the existing trem, springs and claw and the new Stetsbar unit clamps into the trem cavity. Add the supplied shim to the neck pocket (if needed) and you are ready to go.

How Does It Feel?

  • Use all your normal playing techniques of damping, vamping, choking, semi-harmonics, etc.
  • Rest the palm of your hand on the bridge area as normal without fear of activating the trem by accident.
  • It’s like taking two guitars to the gig: a hard-tail and a tremolo guitar. One doesn’t interfere with the other.
  • When you want tremolo, you get it. When you don’t, you won’t. This is all because the Stetsbar moves horizontally to produce tremolo rather than rocking on a vertical fulcrum. Activating the tremolo accidentally is impossible until you decide you want it.
  • Play double-stop string bends without putting your guitar out of tune.
  • With Stetsbar’s unique “floating lock” use dropped D and other drop tunings on the fly, and when a stringbreaks the other strings stay in tune.
  • With no locking-nut needed or complicated bridge mechanism, re-stringing is as quick and easy as ever

Stetsbar S-Style Tremolo System