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T Rex Replica Delay Echo Pedal Video

T Rex Replica Delay Echo Pedal Video

The T Rex Replica Delay Echo Pedal utilizes truly amazing circuitry to create THE MOST AMAZING DELAY! Unlike other digital units that use a DSP chip to sample at 44.1 kHz, the Replica uses 2 Burr Brown 24 bit converters (1 A/D; 1 D/A) to sample at an unprecedented rate of 200 kHz! In order to maintain full dynamics, the signal is routed from the input ADC directly into RAM, where it is manipulated (according to the unit's settings) and then routed directly to the Output DAC.

The circuitry is entirely analog, with the exception of the 24 bit converters and RAM. An input pad switch can be engaged (attenuation of -10 dB) for studio use. In addition, the Replica can be made to sound more analog by pressing the Brown button which engages a Hi-cut filter that alters the tone of the repeats. The result is a warmer, smoother delay reminiscent of a 60's era tape echo.

The Replica is true (hot-wire) bypass and is capable of delay settings up to 2000ms. The Replica also features a tap tempo function (which can be controlled externally, via the built in MIDI socket), and a subdivision function (which when engaged, creates triplets, based on the tapped quarter note tempo). The Replica provides a direct out 1/4 inch jack and contains a built in power supply. THE REPLICA - Just plug it into any AC outlet and GO, GO, GO!

T Rex Replica Delay Echo Pedal