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T Rex Room Mate Tube Reverb Pedal Video

T Rex Room Mate Tube Reverb Pedal Video

The T Rex Room Mate Tube Reverb Pedal is the sweetest-sounding reverb pedal you’ve ever heard. The gorgeous-sounding, tube-powered T-Rex Room-Mate has been a huge success – with guitarists around the world using it to bring their sound to life. Now T Rex presents the next generation of our Room-Mate reverb. It offers the same rich, tubey warmth you know from the first Room-Mate, but they've enhanced it based on your feedback.

T Rex Room Mate Reverb Controls:
Mix: Mixes the dry and the wet signal. Set at 12 you can hear the guitar go through
Decay: Determines the length of the spring, that is emulated
Hicut: Cuts the high notes on the tail of the reverb. Giving the tail a smooth sound
Level: Controls the output volume
Gain: Controls the level on the input signal. With this knob you can turn down the input signal, if it is too power full. The green light on top of the pedal will go red, if the input signal is too high and makes the pedal distort.

Reverb types:
Spring: Sounds like an old vintage Fender amp with the typical spring based reverb
Room: Typical room reverb. Like a clinic in a small room
Hall: Sounds like a big concert hall
LFO: Reverb with chorus

T Rex Room Mate Tube Reverb Pedal