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T Rex Tonebug Distortion Pedal Video

T Rex Tonebug Distortion Pedal Video

The T Rex Tonebug Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal is a phenomenal-sounding pedal that delivers gobs of rich, tubey-sounding distortion you'll recognize instantly as a fundamental ingredient of classic guitar rock. And it couldn't be easier to use. A simple Gain knob lets you choose how dirty you want to get, while a Tone knob lets you tune the timbre of your distortion. From a muted bluesy crunch to a searing wail that'll slice through anything in its way, the Tonebug Distortion pedal has you covered.

T-Rex tone
Like T Rex's Tonebug Reverb and Overdrive pedals, Tonebug Distortion delivers the same legendary T-Rex tone that’s made their top-end products a fixture on the pedal boards of guitar greats around the world. That, combined with cool retro design and rugged constrution, makes Tonebug Distortion a pedal you just won't want to play without.

When guitarists in the early '60s started experimenting with distortion, it took rock music to a whole new level. The earliest attempts were crude, with some guitarists even slitting their amp speakers to get a 'fuzzy' sound. But amplifier makers eventually figured out how 'overdrive' a main amp with a hot signal from a preamp to bring true distortion to the world of rock.

T Rex Tonebug Distortion Pedal