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Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface Video

Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface Video

The Apollo Duo Audio Interface from Universal Audio is the first professional, high-resolution computer audio interface delivering the sound, feel, and flow of analog recording! The Apollo is a 18 x 24 FireWire/Thunderbolt (TM) - ready interface that combines genuine UA analog design with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz sound quality and onboard Realtime UAD Processing. Music producers and performers can finally track audio through a range of classic UAD analog emulation plug-ins - from Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon and more - in real time, and with a sleek, elegant workflow on both Mac and PC with the Apollo.

The Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface Features

  • 18 x 24 simultaneous input/output channels
  • 14 channels of digital-to-analog conversion via
  • 10 channels of digital I/O via
  • Microphone Preamplifiers
  • Monitoring
  • Onboard UAD-2 Processing
  • Software
  • UAD Meter and Control Panel application

The Apollo's numerous design details give you a fast, natural workflow - and better results. Physical front-panel controls for all the most commonly used features, including Preamp and Monitor level knobs, channel selection, mic pad and low cut, phantom power, and even dual headphone outs with independent level control. Smart Hi-Z inputs on the front panel detect when you've connected your guitar or bass, and automatically enable hardware and software monitoring. You can have all this and much, much more the Apollo Duo Audio Interface!

Universal Audio Apollo Duo Audio Interface