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Universal Audio Studio Onscreen DVD Video

Universal Audio Studio Onscreen DVD Video

The Universal Audio Studio Onscreen DVD Volume 1 gives a view into the entire process of creating, recording, and mastering a song.
This DVD follows the artists from a project studio preproduction session, into a professional studio recording session, then finally to mastering. In this video, miking techniques are demonstrated utilizing Universal Audio's tube and solid-state analog hardware. Mixing and mastering techniques are demonstrated with the UAD-2 DSP card and vintage analog emulation plug-ins. Together with Steinberg's Cubase line of software recording and mixing tools, you'll see how UA products can inject old world analog tone into your DAW recordings.

Universal Audio Studio Onscreen DVD Volume 1 Features

  • Recording Techniques: Mic Positioning, DI, Gain-Staging, Compression
  • Gear Voodoo: UA 8110, 6176, LA-610, SOLO/610, 1176LN, & 2192 use scenarios
  • Tracking Techniques: Audio industry engineering/production pros interviewed
  • Mix Session examples: UAD Powered Plug-Ins v4.3 & Steinberg Cubase SX
  • CD Mastering Session: Tutorial demonstrating Precision Series UAD plug-ins
  • Demonstrations include real-time audio examples