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Yamaha MM6 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard Video

Yamaha MM6 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard Video

The Yamaha MM6 synthesizer gives you the Creative Juices from the Motif but in a Smaller Package. Not only does the MM6 feature sounds from the Motif, but the quick edit knobs and arpeggios let you control them in real time. You can jam over the top of the street-smart grooves with layered or split sounds in Performance mode. When you’re ready to record your music, you can record the grooves and keyboard parts directly to the on board song sequencer. For even greater flexibility, connect to your computer via USB and use the bundled Cubase software. Whether you’re just jamming with friends or working on complete music productions, the MM6 lets you hit the streets in style.

Yamaha MM6 Features

  • Key sounds from the Motif line of synthesizers
  • Real Time Knobs for controlling filter and EG
  • Built-in grooves
  • Performance Mode
  • Cubase LE software included

Plat Sounds from the Legendary Motif
That's the first and most important thing you look and listen for in a synthesizer. Rest assured, this synthesizer delivers. The MM6 has 418 Voices and 22 Drum Kits on board, based on the sounds of the famed pro-level MOTIF series synthesizers. These exceptionally high-quality sounds range from authentic and natural acoustic instruments to wild, unique and in-your-face synth Voices. An extra set of GM Voices (128 Normal, 1 Drum Kit) is built into the instrument as well, giving you all you need to play back songs recorded in that popular format.

Yamaha MM6 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard