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iZotope Iris Virtual Synthesizer Software Video

iZotope Iris Virtual Synthesizer Software Video

Take a new approach to synthesis and unearth a world of sounds you've never heard before, with the iZotope Iris Virtual Synthesizer Software. Iris goes beyond traditional sample-based synthesizers, using iZotope's acclaimed spectral processing and Radius pitch-shifting technologies. Spectral processing allows you to isolate specific components of any sound sample, and the included 4GB sample library gives you a wide range of sounds to start with. With the iZotope iris virtual synthesizer plug-in, the sound design possibilities are limitless.

iZotope Iris Virtual Synthesizer Software Features

  • Sample-based virtual synthesizer plug-in
  • Spectral processing lets you isolate specific components of a sound for further processing
  • Radius RT realtime pitch shifting sounds incredibly transparent, allowing extreme changes in pitch without affecting the timing of your original sample
  • Add a suboscillator to your creations for deeper, richer sounds
  • Layer up to three sample to create unique sounds
  • 4GB sample library included
  • 500 presets created by renowned sound designers

Natural Selection

Evolve your sounds rapidly with Iris's diverse and intuitive visual selection tools. By drawing shapes in the Iris spectrogram, you can isolate specific audio frequencies within a sample and play them back immediately on your MIDI keyboard. Iris makes it fun to experiment and manipulate your selections even further, with additional controls for zooming, rearranging, inverting, looping, reversing, and pitch-shifting.

iZotope Iris Virtual Synthesizer Software