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    I really wanted this to work, BUT
    By: Tom Tempel      Submitted: 9/4/2014

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Waited 6 weeks for the Avantone CK7's. When I got them one had random operating noise from the preamp just above the noise floor and I had to re-record a vocalist. The other worked okay but when comparing it to other condensers mics, like my Nuemann TLM49, Rode NT 1000 and even a CAD M177 through the studio's Grace and Focusrite preamps, it still had a little higher noise floor at the same level. These would work on higher level sources but now I am skeptical of the quality so I sent them back. I would recommend these to other engineers for certain applications because of the low price, beauty and seemingly rugged construction. I ordered a couple of AKG 414's.
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