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    This is one of the best additions to my effects chain
    By: David DerMinasian      Submitted: 9/23/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Combine this with an eq and your guitar rig will scream!!!!!!!!! I'm a Metal player and a couple months ago I bought a Fender Mustang 150 watt 2-12 combo amp and I wasn't too happy about the tone I was getting even with the gain all the way cranked so I added this 382i into the effects loop and put an 15 band EQ in front of it. after a few adjustments I got all the tones I ever needed. One thing this unit does is make all the tones your ax actually delivers audible or distinguishable. Before I did this I was thinking I would need another amp and that wasn't going to be cheap. Now I'm getting all the thick harmonics my ears were missing.
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