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    By: Phillip      Submitted: 2/12/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Most of the reviews on the internet are bashing this product very harshly and unfairly. I've seen everything from "bad sound quality" to "practically falling apart out of the box". Several reviewers even complained that the included mic clip didn't fit American stands and that they were euro fit. So let me address some of these things and give my experience so far with these mics. It took me all of two seconds to see that the mic clip comes with a euro fit adapter installed, which unscrews and comes out at which point it mounts perfectly onto a standard american stand. The quality of the c4s are good. Not great, but good and certainly usable. If we were talking about an sm57, we could ask the same question, "Are there better mics out there?" and the answer is yes. That doesn't mean the sm57 or the c4 is worthless. Many people bash anything that says Behringer on it, but I am glad there are companies like Behringer making affordable products.
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