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    Sub par amp.
    By: Eric Estrada      Submitted: 4/11/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This amp works fine for running mids and highs but terrible for powering subs. Running in 4 ohm bridge mode, it was well clear that the amp couldn't supply the power or wattage needed to drive the subs. The amp it's self worked well at low volumes but clipped out anytime my drummer used the double bass or rapid kick drum beats. When getting back in stage from our first break channel 1's limit light was on. No music was played on break. I cycled the on/off switch and the light when out. As soon as we started playing the limit light illuminated once again and the amp shut down. I was driving the amp at about 50%. I also set my crossover down to 80Hz in an attempt to limit frequencies and let our tops cover the frequencies from the original crossover point of 100Hz. This was a brand new amp and this event was the first time it was being used. Called and emailed Behringer and have not gotten a reply back and it's bee 5 days. Spend your $ on a much better amp. QSC, Crown, Crest, or Peavey.
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