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    "Does the job and then some."
    By: MARCELLO      Submitted: 1/11/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Got this eq on an open box deal for 75 bucks... Came in looks like new .. works great.. seems to provide decent control of freq. I really like the sub out which I run 2 18s through a Crown amp mono bridged.. it made a world of difference in terms of low end.. for those who say its simply a low pass filter and not a "real" crossover well maybe so but my speakers respond just as they do when running an active crossover.. I am now running my carvin tops full range (built in x over) w the sub out mono controlling my low freq to subs w no other x over. One thing I might add is that the Sub out is after eq meaning the eq affects it.. BUT I am eqing my entire mix so for me not a major deal and fine tuning the low freq w the rear knob seems to work well. Sounds great. All ya need unless ya playing madison square garden.
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