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    perfect for electric-guitar-in-board
    By: professor chill      Submitted: 1/8/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This is the perfect DI-plus-drive for playing straight into the PA. I don't snob-out about it being Behringer - it works and life's too short for cheap-drama. After years of effects playing, I only used a driven-setting and clean setting, which this does with a foot tap. The Cali, Brit & Tweed amp models (Mesa, Marshall & Fender, respectively) can be tweaked to just the right drive level - I like a rockabilly tweed. The effects-off has adjustable volume boost and super clean sound for almost acoustic sounds with my Gibson LPJ. Slap-bass settings are sufficient for direct-through-board with by Grabber bass, but not enough slap-pop. Easily fits in a guitar case. Mine was a darker color blue than the picture, and the plastic is thick and tough with no issues, unlike bendy tin-metal housing. Make sure to get the correct AC adapter for 9V & 50mV. The Behringer adapter has extra headroom with 100mV, but not so much that it will fry out this little guy.
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