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    Item Reviews for: Behringer NU1000 iNuke Power Amplifier with DSP Control  -  BEH NU1000DSP LIST

    Very good value.
    By: Martin Johnson      Submitted: 8/18/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I got this last week. I used it to power a Ampeg 4 10 bass cab with a builtin horn and a Mackie FX08 Mixer. Absolutely the best keyboard setup I have every had in 20 years. Plenty of power and range from the deepest lows to the ting of high D on my motif. No clipping when I switch to the B3 rotary organ. It is not very portable because of the bass cab, but still the best! Second best was he KB300 1st gen black widow equiped, with really is still #1 because it is more portable. I have a KB4 and could not stand it anymore. I hooked up the bass cab to the external and it was much better. Because I was using the KB4 to power the cab with 75 watts, I decided to try the Nuke1000 can just unplugged the KB4. I am very happy with it. I should have bought the Nuke6000 so I could run more because I do have to turn the gain all the way up then the whole band is playing, but I manage to cut through. By the way, I played the click track and keys through this setup with no problem.
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