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Very very very good i lke but i do not how used the displayed ????????
By: Joaquin      Submitted: 7/11/2018
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Product Rating Product Review 100% good I have crown ?? Behringer ??
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TONS of performance
By: Steve Cox      Submitted: 8/18/2015
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Product Review My buddy and I started a DJ business a couple of years ago, and we wanted to provide the "club" experience when we did parties. We were using used up amps that he would find on Craig's List and they worked ok. We bought some powered EVs for our full-range speakers, so we really just needed something to push our subs. After ruining an old amp, we decided to replace it with new. The iNukes were new when we started shopping and cheap, so I grabbed a 3000DSP from AMS. We hooked that iNuke up to 2 of the subs, and it was like we had bought new speakers too. Our plan was to run 2 speakers per amp, but everything sounded better using the iNuke solo on all 4 subs. The built-in DSP had a x-over that worked darn-near perfect as far as I can tell, and sounded way better than the old analog crossover we were using. Something I worry about when looking at amps is the LOW range power. But when we applied the x-over in the iNuke DSP, it was like the iNuke was DESIGNED to push subs. Five stars, easy.
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