Item Reviews for: Blackstar ID60TVPH Programmable Guitar Amplifier Head  -  BLC ID60H LIST

    This is a heck of an amp
    By: Cyber from Northern Illinois      Submitted: 7/3/2014

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. First, I really like my tube amps. They all bring something unique to the table. They all sound great to fantastic (current batch, Rivera Chubster 55, Marshall DSL, Ampeg GVT15h, Blackstar HT-1RH). I love the tone, feel, sag etc of a good tube amp. I have also always liked the idea and promise of SS amps, their versatility, low maintenance, low volume tone. But, to date, I've always not liked something about each I have tried, too thin, or sterile, or shrill, something. Since, I can't justify Axe FX or Kemper money, I thought that was it for me. Then Blackstar announced its ID:TVP series. SS yes, but not a modeler, but also programmable. More an emulator of amp circuits, or parts and an output tube emulator. Not modeling actual amp/cab tones. I liked the concept. I even got to try a 30w combo. I finally found the right deal on the 60 watt head. . First, let me say, of the vids out there, most do not come close to doing this amp justice. More than most amps, a lot of the vid
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