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    I love it.
    By: Richard Dillow      Submitted: 7/30/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? It does work with windows ten. The other review on here must be old. This thing is great. I use it everyday. It is the perfect practice tool. Want to learn a song just record it,you can slow it down speed it up.change the pitch. Loop it.theres a drum machine on board and a metronome. It comes with jam trcks.But i recorded over 300 from free backing so i can plug in put my headphones on and jam all day. And it lets me record my guitar over the backing track and it sounds great. If your learning a song in a diffrent tuning you can just change the song to match your guitar instead tuning to the song,and it saves a lot of time. Over 150 presets and you can save anouther 100 your self. Its also a multi track recorder that sounds just as good as the br800. And its a field recorder. So if your learning to play or you just want a great tool to jam private with a ton of options. You cant go wrong. I had this for over a year i use it everyday and im still finding new ways to use it.
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    Used to be a great unit now a brick since Windows 10
    By: Salman      Submitted: 9/1/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? I travel around the world all the time and used to find this was a very versatile albeit slightly not user friendly Swiss Army knife. It used to sound great but now its unuseable since it does not connect to Windows 10. Roland are giving me the run around saying they are working to update some of their products to Windows 10. They point me to a website that lists Roland gear but this BR80 is not even on that list. So now 2 months after Windows 10 official release and 2 years since they started their Beta program so that these things would not happen I own an expensive brick. So I am currently extremely disappointed in Roland.
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