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    V8 power at a V6 price
    By: Jesse      Submitted: 11/25/2016

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Im going to start this with some advice. If you are looking for a modern sounding high gain metal machine stop now. Also try and turn off the part of your brain that tells you budget brands are instantly crap. With that out of the way this amp is like paying $400 and getting an angry rhino. This amp is 100 percent untamed power. If you live in an emvironment where volume is going to be an issue this is definitely not your amp. Unfortunately the master volume mod just robs this amp of its goodness. This amp is pretty much all clean headroom without an attenuator. This amp is a pedal users dream. The treble channel for me can be a little to bright for my liking but bring in the bass channel and roll off the presence and treble and boom happy. Definitely throw some new pre and power amp tubes in this thing and its good to go. These infinium amps are legit people. Dont let the past scare you. Behringer is building these amps like tanks.
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