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    Excellent Budget Amplifier from Bugera
    By: Scott Dexter      Submitted: 5/15/2016

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I know Bugera has had some crappy reviews in the past with issues with QC etc. This amplifier is fantastic. I play in a Metal band but this amp could easily suite your needs if you played Country or Jazz as well. The clean channel is really nice without being overly bland. The overall sound of the amplifier is tight. A lot like a Dual Rectifier and in fact it emulates a dual rectifier very well with some extra features the Boogie does not have. I play effects in the effects loop and before the preamp. All modulation effects are in the effects loop and the gain and wireless are before the preamp signal. It has one of the nicest sounds I have had over the years of playing Marshalls, Boogies, Peaveys, Laney etc. It will easily do just about what ever you want to do. It does take some breaking in. Very distorted sound comes out while the amp is being broken in, don't worry just turn down the gain and let it be. Playing shows it really cuts through. Get one and see for yourself! Love it!
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