Item Reviews for: Celestion G12H Anniversary 12 Inch Guitar Speaker 30 Watts  -  CEL G12H3008 LIST

    The tone I was looking for
    By: Joe      Submitted: 3/31/2016

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I run a stereo rig with a Marshall head going into an EVH 2 x 12 and split with a Keeley 30MS into the Marshall effects loop and a Fender 212R (used just for the power amp and speakers for the stereo spread.) I loved the sound of the EVH cabinet but the Fender speakers were really bright and shrill. The Marshall did not sound good through them. So I replaced the Fender speakers with the same speakers in the EVH cabinet - The G12H anniversary. Now my tone is complete. These speakers have great lows and mids and removed the shrill highs. The Fender 212R now sounds like the EVH cabinet. AMS also matched a lower price I saw from a competitor. I am very happy with both the Celestions and AMS. AMS has a won a life long customer.
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