Item Reviews for: Digitech BP90 Bass Guitar Multieffects Processor  -  DOD BP90 LIST

    Love it!!
    By: Ace McCloud      Submitted: 8/12/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? It isn't rugged...the only flaw I can see!! I've played bass in a blues, classic rock an even a Pantera tribute band and I wish I would have had this then. Easy to program and sounds great!! I even played a guitar through it. The crybaby and Clyde McCoy wahs are awesome!! Great bang for your buck. No buyers remorse here!!
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    Sound is OK, the build is horrible!
    By: Jenny K      Submitted: 7/4/2016

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    What is your opinion of this product? Recently I had a gig lined up playing bass with a local band. While I have pro equipment (Rickenbacker bass, Harte stack) I always prefer a multi pedal for a little sweetening like flange. While the sound was OK and the price was good, the build failed miserably. Cheap plastic and noisy switches made for an unenjoyable experience. It even looks and feels like a toy. I returned it after a month and bought a used Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live for $20 more. Now I'm happy. Unless you're using it exclusively in a home studio setup I would be very cautious about using it live. It won't survive even light gigging.
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