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    DEFINITELY PRO QUALITY but there is at least 1 thing u should know here...
    By: WFnN      Submitted: 1/7/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This stand comes standard with LARGE 12.7 rod balls (the piece that your tom-tom or other instrument resides on upon mounting it,)as opposed to Medium 10.5 mm rod ball. So if you have, say, two toms that are of more an intermediate level OR some other instrument e.g. I wanted this as a solution for mounting 2 Pandeiros (my solution for a drum kit of sorts for apartment living.) The 12.5 mm rod balls were too big for the pandeiro holders mounted to the pandeiro which I assumed would fit right on and I could get down to business. Surprise, surprise. They didn't fit. Long story short medium sized rod balls of 10.5 mm are available, you just have to pay extra to mount them on a stand of this quality. A1. 5 STARS. FIVE, BIG STARS. very awesome piece of hardware. Unless you're Keith Moon, and sadly he's not been around for awhile to knock anything over, THIS baby is durable. If you're looking for something that's going to go the distance, maybe you're looking ahead THIS is IT.
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