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    Item Reviews for: MXR M80 Bass DI Plus Direct Box Preamp Pedal with Distortion  -  DUN M80 LIST

    Very Useful and Musical Tool!
    By: Mike C.      Submitted: 6/15/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? The ability to toggle the distortion off without defeating the clean channel, plus the overall tonal quality, made it easy for me to chose this over the Sansamp DIs. The ability to use the distortion channel for just a touch of grind, as I do and blend it with the clean, makes for one useful tool! It can certainly provide a lot of distortion, if that's your thing! As a DI, it really helps the bass sit well in the mix. I use mine in my effects chain in front of my GK MB-800 with analog compressor/chorus and as a DI. My only gripe is that the "color" switch seems to overly cut the mids and boost the sub lows a bit much. A little EQ goes a really long way on bass, so I'd take care with that. The one I received has the newer, hard black plastic knobs rather than the rubber ones. The switches, jacks and knobs seem solid and the graphics are clear. Overall, it seems well made and I do think it's a great product!
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    Great soloing tool!
    By: Rick Hendricks      Submitted: 12/8/2014

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    What is your opinion of this product? Ok. Sometimes your solo's will get lost in the mix when playing with a big horn band. This pedal allows for you to add just enough to cut through without overdriving the system. The added overdrive is just adding iceing to the cake...ect Marcus Miller's Detroit" if you know what I mean. Great pedal, I haven't figured out all that can't be done but will Great purchase for the money!
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