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    Item Reviews for: Egnater Renegade 112 All Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier  -  EGN REN112 LIST

    "Well worth the money"
    By: Tom      Submitted: 8/6/2016

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I use this Amp everyday for over two years. Each day this amp get a the least four hours of play time. I use the effects loops no problems and the foot switch works great. But this is not a tinker toy sound if you do not like tweaking and you want a one trick pony this is not for you. Also this Amp can blow your face off with no problems. I love being able to try different tubes for tone this Amp make easy. I would BUY this amp again.. As a matter of fact I just pick up a 2x12 egnater tourmaster speaker cabin to for Live setting.
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    Very disappointing
    By: Joe      Submitted: 8/6/2014

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    Your general opinion of this product. I had problems with the amp right from the opening of the box. There was a clicking sound. I tried everything from filters, power conditioners to gates. Finaly contacted Egnater and while I was waiting for the repair number the output board went completely out. They repaired the output board but the clicking was still there. I reported this to Egnater and they refused to fix the problem.
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