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Incredible And Fun
By: John T.      Submitted: 4/5/2018
Product Rating

Product Rating Product Review This is my first Elektron piece of equipment. There are a few things you need to keep on hand via your computer or iPad. You will need a SYSEX BASE either PC or Mac or iPad. This is used to update your firmware "Bootsrap" Be sure to go to the Elektron website to download the latest firmware upgrade. The over the USB, load the SYSEX FILE Into The BASE PROGRAM of your choice. Make sure you also download the actual FULL MANUAL so you know can learn how to UPGRADE and HOW this synthesizer works. There is a learning curve. You will have to patient and enjoy learning the WORKFLOW. Once you master it, it become very easy and natural. The oscillators are incredible and the sounds you can create largely depend on you as a sound designer. There are so many options and uses for this desktop synth. You can use it stand-alone or with a Midi-Controller Keyboard. While it is priced high, it does incredible things. I would recommend this to most all synthesizer musicians.
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