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    Item Reviews for: Eminence EJ1250 Eric Johnson Signature 12 Inch Guitar Speaker 50 Watts  -  EMI EJ1250 LIST

    Dripping with tone, the EJ1250 does not disapoint!
    By: Russell from Tidewater, VA      Submitted: 9/18/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I was a V30 fan for many years, but decided to try one of these due to my curiousity (and g.a.s.). The EJ1250 AlNiCo speaker is a truly remarkable addition to any amplifier. It has a more or less flat eq by design, allowing all that vintage AlNiCo goodness to shine through without coloring your tone. You hear your amp/guitar, without a predisposed voicing dictated by the manufacturer. Installed in my old stock Peavey Classic 30, the clean and overdriven tones are equally sweet, with a depth and transparency that I have never experienced before. The lush, almost 3D sounding tone is very inspiring, and I have been playing on it like a madman ever since. I am very satisfied with this purchase, and will soon be adding two of these gems to my Fender Twin. Thanks Eminence!
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