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    Who cares if it's an LTD!
    By: Andy      Submitted: 7/24/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I got a Dent & Scratch model for $1099. That's $700 less than a new E-II with almost the same hardware! My guitar needed a setup and fresh set of strings right away, but it traveled over 5,000 miles to get here, and I live at 1,500' elevation. I expected to have to adjust the truss rod and trem. I may end up replacing the Floyd 1000 bridge for an OFR or Gotoh eventually, but it's good enough for now. The bridge and middle pickup sound great, I think the neck pickup should be a little brighter and hotter, but that's subjective. Where this guitar shines is that it is so easy to play! I can get 2nd fret harmonics on the middle pickup, try doing that on a Strat or LP. I think the 12" radius is a great compromise between easy to chord and fast as hell. The satin finish on the neck is very s I don't care that it says, "LTD" on the headstock. This guitar was made in Japan, that counts much more for me than the name. Similar Ibanez are all made in Indonesia. Great guitar for the money!
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