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    Item Reviews for: Fender American Standard Strat Left Handed Maple Fingerbrd with Case  -  FEN 0113022 LIST

    By: FER JR.      Submitted: 1/26/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This is my first professional grade guitar, I've been wanting an American strat since I was a teen but never enough to cough up the dough...until now. As my playing has grown I've become partial to the sound of Fenders vs. my chuga chuga metal machines. (ESP, Ibanez w/ active pickups). I have a beat up MIM 95' Fender that I bought on eBay for like $200 over 10 years ago and it has given me the looks, sound, and feel but the playability is limited. My plan was to upgrade it from the ground up because its aged white finish (yellowy in some spots) is appealing but I figured a NEW USA one would be easier and less of a headache. The difference is unparallelled in so many ways from the headstock all the way to the bridge. fat 50's pickups are so warm it makes me want to weep sometimes, especially on the neck pick ups with some reverb. This is my first guitar with a maple neck and I absolutely love the sound and color, it just makes me play better because it's new and different for me personally. I have a custom 69 Fender and a SD SSL-5 (pickups) that I bought for my now uninspired MIM project,I will swap out with the middle and bridge PUP's just to hear the difference but it's not absolutely necessary, The fat 50's wail and I'm more than satisfied with my current sound. Thanks AMS for the awesome 0 interest payment plan. Amp used-Mesa Mark V 35 combo(also new to my setup) Effects- Crybaby 535Q-->Maxon 808 OD pedal use amp's reverb and I'm currently looking for a good delay pedal, suggestions appreciated
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