Item Reviews for: Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI 6 String Bass Guitar  -  FEN 0143700 LIST

    What a Guitar!
    By: Marty      Submitted: 8/21/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Overall I think this thing is a monster. Only had it 48 hours, but I can sense the sonic possibilities! The pickups are hot and have tons of bass. I'm not a big fan of the humbucker by itself, but mixed with the middle is so far my favorite combo. She's heavy, but well balanced. The neck is comfortable and fast. I find it hard to believe that Fender did a setup before shipping this out. I fully expect to set up a guitar I order online, but this thing was unplayable right out of the box. The low E was flopping all over the place and is too light a gauge to be at pitch and stable. I've ordered a set of thicker flat wounds and am relativity certain it will remedy it. The bridge is impossible to intonate stock. Fortunately it is easy to flip it 180 degrees for enough space to intonate accurately. Bad design by Fender here, at this price point I shouldn't have to do this. All in all a terrific guitar!! Comes with a gig bag, which I was not expecting.
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    not happy at all..
    By: ron from Pennsylvania      Submitted: 8/12/2014

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    What is your opinion of this product? Unplayable .. extremely hot pickups. . Expected more from Fender..
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