Item Reviews for: Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom  -  FEN 0303030 LIST

    A smart buy
    By: Gary      Submitted: 8/12/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I had been considering buying this guitar for several weeks after getting a Squier Affinity Tele a few months ago. I am so happy with this Classic Vibe Custom. Like other reviewers have said, it is worth far more than the price, and of course I took advantage of the AMS three-payment plan. I have to say the frets are a bit "taller" than on the Affinity but I am going to give myself a little time to get used to that before I do anything about it. Also, the controls are stiffer than on the Affinity, a bit harder to turn, especially the volume pot. These are small nitpicks, though, as overall this is a premium axe at a value price. It came perfectly set up, too, with intonation dead on. The finish and binding are flawless and I often just sit and admire it on its guitar stand. It's a real winner!
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    A great guitar at any price.
    By: Rich      Submitted: 12/20/2014

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    What is your opinion of this product? This is a great guitar for the money. Actually, it would be a great guitar at a much higher price point. The fit and finish are fantastic - astonishingly so. The binding is flawless as is the sunburst pattern. The guitar plays well due to a well dressed fretboard complete with shiny polished frets and edges free of annoying fret nibs. The hardware is typical for this price range but still completely capable. The only thing I plan to change is the neck pickup as I prefer a darker tone than the stock pickup affords. I'm quite impressed with this instrument and couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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