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    Item Reviews for: Gibson Memphis 50th Anniversary 1963 ES335 Electric Guitar with Case  -  GIB ES63 LIST

    did i mention the tone.
    By: kelly      Submitted: 6/28/2014

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Well I have to say after much consideration I bit the bullet and made the big buy. First, all other reviews were upset with the volume and tone pots, mine are useful through their full range which I was concerned about when I ordered it. Next fit and finish this is a stunning guitar Gibby never stops surprising me with how their guitars look, the vos was tastefully done. the action a touch high for me but as a slide will come into play at times I left it for now. The tone well it is just sweet n grindy bright and crisp on the bridge deep like a well in the neck both P/U'S Ouch! I would say if you are torn between this model and a 2014 plus top model the deciding factor has to be the VOS finish. Do you want shiny n glossy or aged if aged then this is the one or you could spend your money on something constructive and responsible I guess.
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