Item Reviews for: Gibson ES-335 Figured Semi Hollow Electric Guitar with Case  -  GIB ESDT19 LIST

Awesome Guitar
By: RSV      Submitted: 6/30/2019

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Product Rating Product Review Looks & sounds beautiful, very resonant, the neck shape is very comfortable even for small hands its just a little bigger than the 60s Slim T. , light but very tone full. Been looking for this one for almost 25 years (since I went to a Clapton’s Concert on his tour “From the Cradle” and I saw him playing a ES-335). I bought a CS- 336 FT first thinking a smaller guitar was better for me, and it sounds great too, similar but not the same, also being smaller the access to the upper fretboard registers through the access space next to the lower “mouse ear” ~ is more restricted than on the ES- 335 better access. Awesome guitar, definitely a keeper and recommended to almost any style of Music. Now about attention to details I think Gibson needs to do a better job, the pick guard wasn’t completely finish I had to remove a few shaving that they left a guess when they “finished” the pick guard and missed the quality ”check”. Also the fretboard had little wood dust like they didn’t clean it and finish it well, this is not the first time this happened to me with a Gibson ( that they miss details or miss align a tuner) nothing that I can’t fix and finish myself. I never had any problems with PRS or Fender of similar value that I have bought, Gibson needs to do a better job. Other than that there’s not a single mark or scratch anywhere and the truss rod and other adjustments are right on (0.008”). And I want to express my appreciation and thanks to all the people at AMS that helped me. Best Regards. R.S.V
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Guitar Itself is Great, Disappointed with Everything Else
By: Pat Fitzhugh      Submitted: 3/31/2019
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Product Review Not enough space provided for my complete review, so I'll just get to the bottom line: - Sweet guitar. - Arrived a day after the advertised delivery date. - NO COA!! ..or other items. Case was EMPTY except for the guitar. - Without a COA, a Memphis Shop 335 is practically worthless. Contacted Gibson, they said I provided the needed information, but nothing further has been received from them. - Considering the 45-day return policy if Gibson doesn't resolve my COA issue.
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