Item Reviews for: Gretsch G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet II Electric Bass Guitar  -  GRE 2514620 LIST

    Unbelievably IMPRESSED!
    By: LJ Critchfield      Submitted: 9/11/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I purchased this way cool-looking "cheapie" Gretsch to be used as a backup bass while waiting for a replacement for a broken part on my rather expensive custom Carvin LB70 bass. I wasn't expecting much at this price-point, and the whole "Made in China" thing... but WOW! WHAT a great bass! I was extremely worried because as bad luck would have it, the thing ended up shipping out of Reno on the two hottest days of the summer when temps exceeded the 100-degree mark. It arrived yesterday on-time, and triple-boxed so the temp extremes weren't so crazy. I let it acclimate for a few hours, then tuned it up and took it to band practice. Holy cow, even with the really crummy strings that everyone says you need to replace first-thing, it sounded great and played like an absolute DREAM right out of the box! Strings were a bit dirty on my hands (big deal), but WOW, oh WOW, do I ever LOVE this thing! It will now be my main bass, and my fancy Carvin that cost almost 10x as much will be my backup. :)
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