Item Reviews for: Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong Electromatic Left Handed  -  GRE 2516020 LIST

Great Axe
By: Shorty      Submitted: 9/5/2019

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Product Rating Product Review This axe was beautiful Right out the box Great product
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Xmas gift from my wife!
By: vampris76      Submitted: 1/23/2014
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Product Review Excellent overall Solid product. Versatile instrument. Can produce smooth jazzy sound or chunky, warm tone Nice fine. Neck is fast. For the size it is not's hollow after all. Controls are placed perfectly. Main volume knob is nice Tone varies on how you have your set up. Can produce a variety of tones. I like warmer , chunky side. Pick ups were on the thick side The matte black was awesome with no imperfections noted I got what I paid for. Very happy. Actin was fine. It was ready to go out of the box.
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