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    sounds great with my new tubes in my vox ac15
    By: Jared Jennings      Submitted: 12/20/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Replaced the Chinese tubes in my vox ac15. They were losing volume and I didn't know how old they were. I got this pair and 3 svetlana pre amp 12ax7 tubes. My amp sounds way better than when I first got it. sad that amps have mediocre stock tubes, because when you try the amp in a store, that is a make or break moment. Anyway, all said and done it was 88 bucks to ship all 5 and now my amp sounds really good. can't wait to get an rca or telefunken for the v1 spot, since that is the most important of all tubes for tone. I am going to get the most expensive one I can for that one, that should be very cool. AMS Responds: Thank you for your review! We greatly appreciate our customer's taking the time to leave such expert comments on our products. We hope other's find this to be helpful in their decision to make a purchase!
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