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    Another Great Product from Ibanez
    By: Leo      Submitted: 6/16/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I think this is a great instrument. I just wish the top had a mostly burled maple look than a mostly flamed maple look. The 9th fret on the high E string produces a tiny bit of buzz. I am assuming a bit of relief from a truss rod adjustment will take care of this. I did raise the floating bridge a bit and changed the strings to no avail. I didn't care for The D'Addario Chrome flat-wound strings it shipped with. This was my first experience with flat wounds. I don't like the slippery feel these flat wounds have. I also like to be able to bend the 3rd string a whole step if the need or "want" arises. You can't do that with a wound 3rd. I found this out by breaking it as I tried to bend it up a whole step, oops. I put D'addario half rounds 12 - 52 (replaces 3rd with PL024/unwound 3rd) Half rounds sound more "alive" and are more of what I am used to which is round wound phosphor/bronze for my acoustic guitars.
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