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    not what the video described
    By: Quentin Hunter      Submitted: 12/8/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? the video mentions that frets 21 thru 24 are scalloped for fast tapping, the guitar i received didn't have this type of fret board.the edges under the back covers were very rough and frayed. the tremolo bar was very, very hard to engage into the tremolo. the frets are advertised as jumbo, i don't know the ibanez standard for fret size but i have another guitar with jumbo frets and the ibanez doesn't come close. all in all, its a good guitar, just don't watch the video or you will be somewhat disappointed. perhaps Mr. Herman Li would be interested in the difference? after all, it has his name on it. i sure would.
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