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    "Awesome After I had it set up"
    By: NH Guitarist      Submitted: 12/29/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I am a working musician When I bought it the set up was so messed up it cost me $300 bucks to have it set up to get the action lowered to be playable without getting string buzz. I am no slack at guitar set up this guitar was a mess. Highly experienced guitar smith said he had to do some major work to the string saddle and bridge, along with fret filing to get it right. I have owned this now for three years. Looks great plays The 4 position fishman is not so good I like position 2 when you move through them difference is barely noticeable. I would buy again for like $600 but not worth $1000 no way. Looks great if that is what they were going for. I just liked the look otherwise I would have returned immediately.
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