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    It has good points and bad points, but it does have a lot of potential
    By: Eric Howard      Submitted: 1/8/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? First off, I got a price break on this bass because it was open box. So temper my comments with that knowledge. You may be disappointed in this bass right out of the box. It will require some setup work. So far I have been making adjustments to the truss rod and the string height. Here's a big plus: the bass came with all the allen wrenches you will need to make the adjustments. The frets require some dressing, they feel like little knives, especially up the neck. I may end up having to take it to a professional. That being said, this bass has a lot of potential. The neck is slim and should play well eventually. I love the electronics; the bridge and neck pickups can be dialed in to give any range of sounds you want. The bass is also very light weight. Check the review on You Tube by Ibanez to hear how it sounds. Bottom line: if you really want to buy this bass, mentally add $50 to the online price to allow for the work it will need done. Then compare it to other basses.
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