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    "Not as great as I hoped"
    By: WFN      Submitted: 9/27/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I find this particular mandolin a bit difficult to play. Not in terms of tuning, as an inexpensive Fender clip on chromatic tuner will zero in on the 2 E's; A's; D's and G's just fine. The sound is very nice. BUT LIKE A CHEAP GUITAR IT IS EXTREMELY HARD ON THE FINGERS. I own a Fender Telecaster. Until I bought that, the Fender Bullet, and even the $600 or so (ca. 1981) Fender Lead II I found hard on the fingers. This mandolin is in that class as far as I'm concerned of instruments I wish I'd given more consideration to playability before committing to it. The frets are close together, I'm just not that crazy about it as I mentioned MOSTLY and pretty much only because the strings really cut into your fingers. My fingers are not that tender and they do just fine with my Telecaster, but this I might trade in. It was my mistake for not looking at and test driving others first before making the purchase. You might want to do the same.
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