Item Reviews for: Ibanez SIR27FD Iron Label 7 String Electric Guitar  -  IBA SIR27FD LIST

    By: Dan      Submitted: 3/27/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? First, the negative part. This guitar came in bad need of a setup. There was no obviously no effort on Ibanez's part to make this thing even somewhat playable--even the nut slots had to be cut deeper. But to be fair, every new guitar needs at least some tweaking, and money on a professional setup is well spent. So a trip to my guitar guy and all is well. Actually, all is extremely well. With a setup, this guitar plays beautifully, and the DiMarzios seem perfect to me. More points for AMS: this guitar is supposed to be a Dent and Scratch, and I honestly can't find a thing wrong with the fit or finish. I had subtracted one star for the poor setup--Ibanez's fault. I added it back for the guitar itself and for AMS, for calling this beautiful thing blemished.
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