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    Simply Awesome!!!
    By: Vanessa Nomad      Submitted: 2/14/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I cannot say enough how much I love this software! Think of a high-end rack unit full of world class effects, only using your computer instead of a separate box. Once you install the software and download the Custom Shop" application, you have a wealth of additional sounds, virtual amps, effects, stomp boxes, cabs and routing options. At this time, Amplitube 3 does not, unfortunately, include send/return routing options with the virtual amps. It's a fairly standard set-up of stomp-boxes into amps; amps into mic'd cabs; cabs into virtual racks. But how those ins and outs work is variable with several options. The virtual amps are unbelievably realistic. Close your eyes and you'll think you really are playing through a Fender Twin; crank up a Marshall and you'll hear echoes of Hendrix, Slash and countless others. My personal favorite is the silky smooth Roland Jazz amp. Unless you have the funds to get all these amps into your own studio, you won't find better than this.
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