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Trust you instinct and get them. You know you want em!!!
By: D Coop      Submitted: 8/19/2019

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Product Rating Product Review I never realized how helpful Calibration was. I dislike that I cant get them in 8 Had them less than a week. Exceeded my expectations. Details were spot on. Accurate, Flat, and they translate well to my Nuemann NDH20 headphones. I used them to calibrate my Kali Audio speakers to my room also. These are exactly what I hoped they would be. The only monitors I can honestly compare them to are the Genelec 8331. Yep I said it. If you are a serious engineer that grew up on NS10 in a treated room, these are for you. If you can mix on everything including a 4 track tape machine, these are for you. If you have ever mixed on any monitor and made it work over a long period of time, these are for you. If your tired of burning your ears out trying to figure it out, these are for you. If you are a fan of SSL, Neve, API, Genelec, Hedd Type 20, Kali audio, Tube tech and anything analogue, these are for you. If you believe you only need plug ins and new music is the best thing ever made,,,,well these might not be for you...because they snitch on garbage music... like really bad...and you wont like that if you think modern music is the best quality thru earbuds...Get ya game up homie. These are for Pros...dont let the negative reviews on gearslutz fool ya. Make music.
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