Item Reviews for: Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar  -  JAC 2913052 LIST

    It's all about the neck
    By: Brett      Submitted: 1/18/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I picked the maple fretboard model, and got an Indonesian model, with the proper R3 nut. My only issue, specifically, was a pickguard screw that completely missed the body, near the pickup selector. The routing was a bit aggressive. I glued in a bit more wood, to give 2 screws a bit more bite, and problem solved. Since purchase, I added some Schaller locking tuners, German R3 nut, new custom pickguard with 500k pots, Heavy Blues 2 single coils, and F-spaced Super Distortion bridge pickup, and a German original Floyd Rose. All in all, it was totally worth it. The basswood body sounds awesome, the sustain is great, the neck is wonderful, and I still only spent half what a US San Dimas Adrian Smith goes for!
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    Love the Guitar
    By: brett Blair      Submitted: 11/30/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? But honestly if your a Jackson fan when you take off the back plate it looks like pine.Also i had the same problem.Its like they built the nut area wrong.The high e string is way to close to the edge of the frets.Every time i play a lead or a chord the high e string slides off the bottom of the fret matter how hard i try to lightly use or reposition my finger angle.I actually took the two screws out of the nut and slid the nut over just a hair to center both e strings on the neck.Then she played like a dream...and yes the neck and middle pick ups are not very loud or powerful. sorry should have spent my $ on a real 80s japan jackson...
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    I love the look and sound of this guitar, however...
    By: Carlos Conde      Submitted: 8/18/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? The separation/distribution of the string positions within the guitar neck is really bad, specifically for the high E string. If you like to see what I say, just compare this guitar photos with the Charvel Pro Mod So-Cal Style 1 HH. It might not be an issue for you, but for me it was a deal breaker. :(
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    well worth the money
    By: Dale Johnson      Submitted: 3/11/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? A great guitar really nice action sounds great on my Marshall amp I would strongly recommend buying for new or expeirinced guitar players
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