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    Pretty sweet brosef...
    By: Avi      Submitted: 6/3/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Ok so even though $999 isn't a fortune to most people it is to me so I'm gonna give some detail for anyone who gets that. First I want to thank AMS for their credit installment program because my credit sucks and the program afforded me the opportunity to own this thing. Ok so I've owned a number of korgs in my day. And after some reflection realized all my 88 weighted digitals have been Korg (all used many years except this one :) being 4 in total. All I owned for years. I'm not an electronic producer or DJ I tend to lean toward the more tonal side old school scales and such. Blues jazz etc. I love electronic music and the sound and listen to it primarily. I love glass animals. Those guys kick ass. Anyways, so yes this thing is pretty cool. The action is about as muddy as every Korg I've had. By muddy I mean not crisp like a grand. I can still bounce on one key with my first and third pretty quick so it's something if you're keen on technique you can get used to with a little practice. It's no worse in it's own way than the old upright I doodle on at work. A little heavy and sluggish but perfectly acceptable and playable. Construction does feel really light but tough enough. Tech has obviously come a long way. My last Korg had like 4 sounds no speakers and weighed maybe 50lbs or more. The thing I love the most by far and am so stoked about is the sounds and sequencer. It has some really amazing sounds and drums and being able to find a kit that sounds great to build a beat with is a treat. When you add some sweet organ or electric piano it is just a jam fest. I can lose myself in it for hours. As a workstation it is straight forward. Easy to use. The tones are just great. And with some of the available combis I can even feel like an electronic producer for a bit. My biggest criticism is the buttons and overall layout doesnt look very modern. Kind of cheap and antiquated in appearance but durable enough. I would have no problem telling anyone whose looking for the weighted action and workstation capabilities that this is an amazing value. I debated and researched this purchase for a couple months debating on a controller with better action or a workstation. I went with this and am very happy.
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