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    Item Reviews for: Line 6 DT25 Guitar Combo Amplifier  -  LIN DT25C LIST

    Out of the box awesome, dream rig takes time
    By: Jordan      Submitted: 1/20/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Had my dt25 for a full year and am finally ready for a review. Standalone, this amp is awesome. the four voices are all really cool on their own. And the 25 watts are plenty loud. Get a footswitch, and you can A/B two voices. Simple. Employing it as the juice for my DreamRig was another matter entirely. Not easy, especially if you're switching around and trying to use all four voices throughout a gig. (could write a book on all the intricacies of the DreamRig) Also my dt shipped with the tube bias incorrectly set which caused me to have to ship it back to the factory twice on my dime due to blown tubes. Not cool. But after a year I've got it ironed out and it sounds awesome. I've had LOTS of guitar rigs and this is in the top 3.
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