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    Sounds good but...
    By: Trevor Thompson      Submitted: 10/1/2014

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Everything I was looking for but, It has glitches that I can't explain. Sound would Come and go or no sound out of one side of the speaker and then sound? And a paired line input will work one night and not the other even with different Cables.Just stranged happenings. Think all this automatic stuff messes up. And it's hard to see the screen. The channels in mixer mode never match That actual input channel and there doesn't seem to be a work around. Support there is not great. ALSO Is....I have this on a 8 pay and now they drpped the price by $500.00 And I have 3 payments left so I paid $1999.00 at the end of the day.. And I get the raw deal! Not likely to ever buy from Line 6 again! In the mean time I bought a Allen and Heath ZED60-10fx(which by the way they don't have here Or hardly anywhere,just the reg.10fx) and it sounds so much more live and open Compaired to the Line 6 and s sooo much easier to see get a great sound! Nice to have bells £ whistles but, Tired of digital.
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